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Grayscale Coloring Pages To Make Gifts For Kids

Grayscale coloring can be a great way to make unique artwork as gifts for family and friends. Very often, however, the themed for grayscale coloring pages are quite grown up. They often feature fantasy or realistic designs which are not too appealing to youngsters. So I’ve been working on some grayscale coloring pages which are absolutely perfect to color and make into artwork to give as gifts for kids. While grayscale coloring pages may be a little challenging for a youngster to color themselves, as there are some fine details (although older children will be able to color these without problem), the finished artwork will be much appreciated by youngsters.

How to Make Grayscale Coloring Pages into Wall Art for Kids

If you are going to turn a grayscale coloring page into artwork or wall art for kids, before you start to color, think about where the wall art will hang. What colors are the predominant color in the room? What other features or decor are there in the room that this needs to complement. For example, how are other pieces of wall art in the room framed? What colors are they?

One of the benefits of coloring a grayscale coloring page to make a piece of wall art, is that you can choose the colors, size etc so that it is a perfect match for the room. Therefore you can ensure that you choose colors that will complement any other pieces of decor. You can also ensure that you create a piece of art which is the right size for the room. My Lady Grayscale coloring pages will give you superb quality prints up to 16″ square (most of my coloring designs are square). You will find square frames in a variety of sizes.

Here are some tips for coloring a grayscale coloring page to make wall art for kids:

  • Remember when you are coloring onto gray, the base gray color comes though your layer of color to create shading and give dimension. This means that the colors you use when coloring grayscale may not be the same as when you are coloring onto white paper. Therefore do some tests first to ensure you get the color you require if you are looking to match the colors in your artwork to a color scheme for the room.
  • Print the design onto good quality paper. A good quality white paper will give you the best results.
  • Don’t scrimp on the frame. The frame will really help to show your coloring in the best possible way. Look for a frame which complements your color choice as well as the room where your finished artwork is going to be displayed.
  • If you want to print the pages at a larger size, you can take the file to your local printer who will be able to print the page for you.
  • Digital coloring is an option for making artwork to turn into wall art. Simply print the finished page onto good quality paper and frame this,
  • Remember to sign and date your artwork. You are creating a work of art for a youngster which they will treasure for many years to come. Adding your name and the date will help to make this extra special.

Do you ever give your finished Lady Grayscale coloring pages to others as a gift? Do you frame it and use it as wall art in your house? If so, do take a pic and share it with me! Send me a copy or tag me @ladygrayscalecoloring on Instagram 🙂