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How Do You Color Your Grayscale Coloring Pages?

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So how do you color your grayscale coloring pages? Do you love to use your pencils and pens, or are you more a digi sort of colorist?

That’s the great thing about grayscale coloring – and coloring in general. There’s no right or wrong way to go about it. No one way is ‘best’, what works for you is best for you.

If you are happiest grasping your treasured pencils or chalks then that’s what’s best for you. If, on the other hand, you prefer to color using apps and software then that’s going to be what makes your art fly.

How to Color Grayscale Coloring Pages

While there’s no right or wrong when it comes to coloring grayscale coloring pages, there are a couple of coloring rules which are useful to remember. Thse are simply to use light shades on light areas and dark shades on dark areas. Part of this is obvious, a light lemon color just isn’t going to show when laid over a dark black area, however when it is used to shade a piece which is white or predominantly white, the light lemon shade will show through. Likewise, a deep red color will really pop when used to color over a dark area of your page.

Coloring Grayscale on Paper

The type of results you achieve when coloring grayscale coloring pages is going to be determined largely by the paper you use. While great results can be achieved on a variety of paper, if you use very thin and flimsy paper, the results will be less impressive.

You will achieve very different effects depending on the coloring method you chose. Soft pencils, pastels or chalks will give you a softer effect while pens and markers will give a deeper effect. Watch when using markers as they may cause the ink to smudge. If in doubt, do a test on a scrap piece of paper first.

You can also achieve great effects using watercolor pencils. These are similar to use as colored pencils, however when you brush water over the areas you have colored, the colored pigments are released into the water and a painterly effect is achieved.

Digital Grayscale Coloring

If you love digital coloring then there are a wide range of options available to you. There’s an ever increasing number of coloring apps available and many of these will allow you to upload your own images. While some of these apps are basic ‘flood fill’ apps, which means that a block of paint fills the space you click, others closely mimic the real coloring experience, giving you the choice of different brushes and color types. If you are interested in trying this type of coloring app, one of the best is the app called Pigment.

A free coloring applications is MediBang. This is free for desktop, Android and Apple devices. There is a learning curve, but the results you can achieve even on the oldest and rickiest of devices, makes this worthwhile.

And of course, old faithfuls like Photoshop, Paintshop Pro and other applications can all be used to color grayscale coloring pages.

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