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How to Download and Install MediBang Paint Pro for Grayscale Coloring

If you want to try to color your grayscale coloring pages using a digital painting app then we highly recommend MediBang Paint Pro. You can find this on the Apple or Android app store if you want to use it on a device. However, if you want to use MediBang Paint Pro on your desktop, it’s simple to do! Just head on over to the MediBang Paint Pro website. ¬†Ensure that the English version is checked at the top and select either the Windows or Mac download option (MediBand is a Japanese app).

One of the benefits of MediBang (other than it is free with some super features), is that it is a relatively lightweight program. This means it will be quick to run on your computer and won’t eat up a lot of memory.

When you have downloaded MediBang and installed it on your desktop you will see a welcome screen like this (I am using a Mac but Windows will be similar):

If you want to set the language you can do this in the language option box (top right). The app will choose the language based on your computer’s operating system, but if you want to select a different language just choose one from the dropdown box. You will have to restart the program in order for this to take effect.

You will see you have the option to login or sign up. You don’t need to signup (but you do have access to more features). I have done so, as I want to use the app on different devices. If you sign up you can continue coloring on different devices.

That’s all there is to it! MediBang is now installed on your desktop and in the next tutorial, we’ll look at how to get started using MediBang Paint Pro.

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