Bear 3 Grayscale Coloring Page


This grayscale coloring page features a little bear cub and is part of a series of realistic bear cub images we have for you to color. The little bear can be colored to make him realistic or a more whimsical character. There is plenty of opportunity to make this into a super detailed project, adding further features by using a fine pencil stroke to add to his fur. However if you prefer a quick finish, color him in a single shade and allow the greyscale to help give depth and dimension to the finished artwork.

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This is a grayscale coloring page is one for people who enjoy bringing their own interpretation to a scene with color. The little bear on this grayscale coloring page can either be colored to give him a realistic feel or turn him into a cute teddy!

About This Page

This is a high resolution coloring page. I create each page using the highest quality setting (therefore these will be large files). This will print onto A4/letter size paper, however you could also print onto larger sizes and still achieve excellent results.

Grayscale Coloring Pages

This is a grayscale coloring page. Grayscale coloring is a little different to ‘traditional’ black and white coloring pages. With grayscale coloring, the different shades of gray help to give dimension to your finished art. If you’d like to know more about grayscale coloring check our recent blog post “What is Grayscale Coloring“.

How to Color Grayscale Coloring Pages

Check out our tutorials section for tips and tricks for coloring grayscale images.