‘Sulky’ Girl Grayscale Coloring Page


What is this young lady thinking about that is making her so pensive (sulky?). Have fun bringing some color into her life! Her hair and background are just crying out for some color and texture!


This is a grayscale coloring page is one for people who enjoy coloring the textures of hair and skin.

About This Page

This is a high resolution coloring page. I create each page using the highest quality setting (therefore these will be large files). This will print onto A4/letter size paper, however you could also print onto larger sizes and still achieve excellent results.

Grayscale Coloring Pages

This is a grayscale coloring page. Grayscale coloring is a little different to ‘traditional’ black and white coloring pages. With grayscale coloring, the different shades of gray help to give dimension to your finished art. If you’d like to know more about grayscale coloring check our recent blog post “What is Grayscale Coloring“.

How to Color Grayscale Coloring Pages

Check out our tutorials section for tips and tricks for coloring grayscale images.